Pinky's Space

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Pinky's Space is a small Southern-French restaurant in the East Village. The menu ranges from braised brisket with au jus and orange shallot marmalade to roasted turkey breast with veloute, lingonberry jam and watercress to vegetable ratatouille and more. Sides include a signature buttermilk & cornmeal Cloud Biscuit, spiral salad and baby white potatoes. For dessert there's a colorful Space Cake, that blends 3 different cakes - red velvet, brownie and banana yogurt.

The man behind the menu design is Executive Chef Wesely Wobles, who served as a Private Chef for iconic businessmen and politicians, including Bill Clinton and Salvatore Ferragamo. He has also worked at Parisian restaurants such as Le Midi, Lumiere, Sugar Hill Bistro and others.

Good For: Quick Bite

Pinky's Space

70 E. 1st Street

New York, NY 10003



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