Chicken Piccata

Updated: Aug 16

Chicken in a lemon caper sauce that's a one pot meal!

Servings: 4



  1. Season chicken with salt and pepper

  2. In a large bowl, mix together the almond and tapioca flour and dredge the chicken in it so that it's lightly coated

  3. Melt 2 tbsp of ghee in a large skillet over a medium high heat. Add the chicken and cook each side for about 4 minutes or until it's lightly browned. Then set aside on a plate

  4. Melt the remaining ghee in the skillet. Then add the onions and cook for 2 minutes. Then add the garlic and stir. Add the chicken bone broth and squeeze the juice out of the lemon and stir. Let it boil for 3 minutes and add the coconut cream. Add capers, then place the chicken back into the skillet with the sauce mixture and let it simmer for 2 minutes, then serve